Mix & Match the Perfect Salad Every Time

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October 3, 2022
Carole Jones

Learning how to build a salad you’ll love takes some experience and understanding of how different flavors work well together. But no worries if you feel overwhelmed because I’ve done all the hard work for you in this free salad building cheat sheet! Just pick your favorite ingredient, and I’ll pair it with the best additions and dressings!

how to build a salad you will love
how to build a salad you will love

I’ll show you 4 specific examples of how this cheat sheet works! There are EIGHTEEN different mix and match options in the downloadable tool.

First, pick the ingredient you love, then I’ll pair it with the best mix-in’s and dressing to go along with it! Here are a few examples from the cheat sheet:

Not a fan of meat? No worries because I have included many vegetarian options as well, like this one:

Or what about seafood as an option if that’s your culinary jam:

And of course, we can’t talk about how to build a salad without bringing in the most popular protein, chicken:

Think this gives you the general idea of how this tremendously helpful tool works! In all, I have 18 different “love” ingredients to choose from and their delicious pairings.

They also span the globe with their flavor profiles with Asian, Mediterranean, Southwest, and Italian all making an appearance or two!

Free Mix & Match Salad Cheat Sheet

All you need to do is click here your salad salvation delivered right to your inbox and get access to all 18 variations!

how to build a salad you will love

How to Build a Salad You’ll Love Video

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