DIY Glitter Vase

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Since her wedding theme is “Winter Wonderland,” you will see many items that sparkle, shine and glitter!  However, I think you will find most ideas in our series can easily be used no matter the wedding theme.  For example:  don’t want glitter in your wedding?  Then, instead of using glitter on these vases, cover them in an glass etching solution instead.  Viola!
Centerpieces are a major statement piece for a wedding so this is where a little extra effort and detail will pay off….in the number of compliments and comments your guests make.  They will be staring at them much of the evening, so give them something beautiful to study!
I saw this idea over on Organize Your Stuff Now and knew they would be the perfect treatment for the centerpiece vases.  I bought 12 cheap vases at the dollar store, then the Mod Podge and glitter.  You will have both Mod Podge and glitter left over, but don’t worry…..I will show you how to use your leftovers in future wedding posts!

Use any type of masking tape and tape off where you want your glitter to end.  Use your fingernail to press down the edge of the tape firmly so the glue won’t leak under the tape.  If you have more patience than me, you could also do some fun stripes instead of solid glitter.  That was my initial plan but as you can tell by my dark pictures, my day was drawing to a close and I needed to be quick!  No stripes for me.  Oh well.

Use a brush loaded with Mod Podge and cover the vase with the glue.  Don’t worry that it is white because it dries clear.  When you are applying the Mod Podge by the tape, only brush down into the glue area and not up into the tape.  Again, we are trying to keep the glue from leaking under the tape where we don’t want it!
Lay down a clean piece of paper and generously cover the glue area with glitter.  Gently knock the vase on the work surface and look for areas that are thin or missing glitter then add some more.  Carefully pour the excess glitter back into your glitter container from your clean piece of papaer.  Set the vase aside to dry.  You will know when the Mod Podge is dry because it will dry clear and all you will see is the glitter.
Once the Mod Podge has dried, add a bit of water to a small bowl of Modge Podge to thin it out.  You need this layer thinner so it will be easier to spread over the glitter.  Again, load your brush with the thinned Mod Podge and cover the glitter with a thin layer.  Remove the tape after this second layer has been applied, before the glue dries.  This second layer will keep any glitter from falling off the vase, and again, don’t worry because it dries completely clear.
If you happen to get some Mod Podge under the tape like I did, just let it dry completely then use your fingernail or other hard surface to gently scrape it away.

Just so you could see the effect, I put a few tea candles in the bottom of these three.  For the wedding, we will use batter powered tea lights in the bottom of each vase then fill them with all sorts of gorgeous stuff!  You will have to come back to see what all that gorgeous stuff is :)


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  1. says

    The Winter Wonderland theme will be perfect for a December wedding. And the warm and sparkly glow of these centerpieces will be gorgeous.

    Yes, wedding costs can be cut if you do a lot yourself.

    Check out my post today on some of the ways my eldest daughter personalized her Sept. 22 wedding.

    Here’s the link:

    If you want to see more wedding pix, view my posts from Sept. 23 – Oct. 2. We worked hard to create the setting and mood my daughter and her husband envisioned for their wedding day.

    I look forward to seeing more of your wedding projects.

    • says

      I’ve never done this project with white glue, but I would think that if you watered it down a little bit, it should work. It might not dry as clear as modge podge does however. Let me know how it turns out for you Hanna! -Carole

  2. Anne says

    Question, so after the first round of glitter dries you then go over the glittered surface again with thinned modpodge? Do you re-glitter then, or just let it dry? This thinned coat won’t “dull” the glitter will it? Sorry to ask so many questions. Your vases look stunning!

    • says

      Anne – great questions! You only glitter the vase one time and use the thinned mod podge the second time. Once the second coat dries, there will be no dulling of the glitter so no worries. That second coat will keep the glitter from coming off when you touch it. -Carole

    • says

      Stacey – I used a transparent glitter that I got for cheap from Walmart. You could certainly do this with any type or color of glitter. Thanks for your question -Carole

  3. Amanda says

    I am a fan of all things glitter! Here is a tip: find the glossy mod podge, it gives it a very nice finished look and if you need to you can add a second layer of glitter when the first layer dries! You seal it the same, but don’t thin it with water. I really could not tell you the number of things I have glittered, but I have done many things for weddings with the glossy one with numerous colors. That is just another option though (:

    • says

      Jessica – You could certainly try that but if it gets even a little bit of moisture or humidity, that hairspray will not hold. If you try it, please come back and share with us how it went! -Carole

  4. Stacey says

    I made these today but you can see the lines from the brush strokes. Any suggestions? Did I not out enough mod podge on?

    • says

      Stacey- I’m not quite sure what you mean by seeing the lines. If it isn’t as covered in glitter as you would like, do as the directions instruct and add more mod Podge and more glitter.

  5. Terri O'Neill says

    These are beautiful! I am thinking of combining these with the glittery branches (Epsom Salts) as a centerpiece for a winter party I am having next weekend. Ii would alternate the branches with the candle’s. What did you end up putting in the candles holders on top of the tea lights?

    • says

      I did exactly as you are thinking!! I made a bunch of ice coverws branches using epsom salts….it is another post on here. I also used some big flowers in each vase with the branches. At the bottom of each one was a battery powered candle. They were beautiful when the lights were down

    • says

      Daphne- sure, you could use either but obviously your result will be different. Depending on the paint, you may not be able to see through them enough if you wanted to light thw inside of the vases.

  6. Rachel says

    Hi Carole,

    I love your blog, and would like to share it on a landing page I am making for louisville, ky brides. Please let me know if you have any problems with it and I will take you down, if not happy to share your crafty ideas with others!


  7. K Brown says

    What type of glitter did you use? I did this with gold glitter but the light did not show through as much. Please advise. Thanks for this idea :)

    • says

      I just bought whatever was on the shelf at Walmart :) It was a more opaque glitter because I wanted the light to be able to shine through when the lights were down at the wedding. -Carole

  8. Julie says

    I just did this project, but when I started removing the tape it pulled up a lot of the glitter and mod podge off. Do you have a suggestion for preventing this from happening?

  9. Becky says

    I am helping a friend with her wedding, and we are making some of these candles. Would you share a photo of the finished product with all the goodies included? Thanks!

  10. gretchen says

    Could you please email me a picture or two of what you put in these. She is having a fall wedding champagne burgundy and silver.

  11. Linda says

    Just finished making the vases and put a thin layer of watered down mod podge but seems to have shifted the glitter causing it not to be uniformly distributed. Any suggestions before we do any more. Was wondering if I could use a spray acrylic instead? Thanks.

    • says

      Bummer Linda! My main thought is to make sure that the mod podge under the glitter has a chance to completely dry before adding the top coat, otherwise they will definitely shift. You can still save the ones that have shifted by adding more mod podge and glitter to the uneven spots. You could certainly use a spray acrylic as well, but would need multiple layers to keep the glitter from falling off. Good luck! -Carole

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