DIY Butter Lovers Microwave Popcorn

When I was a kid, my family’s tradition of watching slides together every Sunday was my favorite.  If you don’t know what slides are, I will wait a few minutes while you go Google it and I stew over how old I am.
Every week, we would disagree over which slides would be featured that night.  Of course, I only wanted to see slides that featured the cutest kid…me.  Who cares about all the other slides?  Especially the seemingly endless supply of Indian Guides camp-out slides.  I’ll wait again while you go Google that one too.

Our great Sunday tradition wasn’t complete without an extremely large metal bowl of homemade popcorn.  Like 20 quart large.  There was no such thing as microwave popcorn, so the only option was to make it on the stove.  Delicious!

My own children love stovetop popcorn like their Mom, but my 12 year old son will always ask why I never buy the microwave stuff.  To me, it is simple.  #1 The cost.  #2 All the stuff I can’t pronounce/understand that is found in the ingredients.

This week, too surprise the above mentioned 12 year old,  I made my homemade microwave popcorn as an after school snack.  He didn’t see me make it, so when he tasted it, he excitedly declared, “Mom!  You bought me microwave popcorn!!”  Success :)

This is so simple.  I taught it to my son and he made two more bags on his own.  The only place you might struggle is the amount of time in the microwave.  Since every microwave is different, you will have to experiment.  For my microwave, 2 minutes 48 seconds is perfect.  I suggest starting conservatively with your time so you don’t burn it (because nothing smells worse then burnt popcorn!).  Then, the next time you make a batch, add another 5 seconds.  Continue to add 5 seconds every time you make a batch until you come up with the perfect time for your own microwave.  With store bought microwave popcorn, you wait until the popping slows down.  I tell you from experience that if you go that long, you will have a burnt result.

DIY Butter Lovers Microwave Popcorn
1/3 C popcorn kernels
1 1/2 Tb salted butter  *See note if you want to make it without butter
paper lunch sack
wax paper

1.  Open the paper lunch sack and lay it on its side.  Use a piece of wax paper big enough to go around all four sides of the bag and place the wax paper into the bag.  With the bag still on its side, pour the popcorn into a pile in the middle of the bag.  Add the butter on top.  Keep the bag on its side and fold over the bag end once.  Staple it twice and yes, it is perfectly safe.
2.  Turn a dinner plate upside down on the tray of your microwave.  Place the bag on its side on top of the plate and microwave on high for 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 minutes.  The amount of time is critical and depends on your microwave.  It will take some experience to know when it is done in your own microwave and not burning.  Start on the low end to insure success then add 5 seconds each time you make it to see what time works best with your own microwave.

**Note:  If you would like butter-free popcorn, you can make this the same way and skip the butter and wax paper on the inside of the bag.  Great fat free popcorn!


  1. says

    Alright, so ready to try this because I do like microwave popcorn but seldom buy it for the reasons you stated. My husband makes popcorn atop the stove, but not always when I’m hungry for it and I have not attempted that type of popcorn making.

  2. says

    Thanks Sherri! Took a lot of playing with my camera settings to get that picture to work. It was really dark in there :)
    MN Prairie Roots – let me know how it goes if you try it!

  3. Pep says

    My husband pops popcorn EVERY night, so I go to Sam’s and buy ACT popcorn. So maybe this will save me some $$$$. Thanks for being so kind and sharing…Pegs

  4. says

    Nice and buttery, although alas some of the butter leaked beneath the paper. Perhaps next time I should check which side the “seam” of the wax paper lining is on before I put it in the microwave!

    • says

      Great Question Davida! Yes, that very small piece of metal is safe. If you would like to close it with something else, please feel free to do so – Carole

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