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Owl Cupcakes

Owl Cupcakes


  • Box of chocolate cake mix
  • Can of ready made chocolate frosting
  • Oreos – plain or Halloween version
  • Brown M&M’s
  • Mini M&M’s


  1. Prepare your chocolate cake per the instructions on the box and let cool.
  2. Frost with your chocolate frosting
  3. Twist your oreo cookies to separate them and place the frosting side on your cupcake for the eyes. I put mine in the middle of the cupcake as opposed to at the top of the cupcake.
  4. Place a brown M&M on the cream of the cookie to complete the eyes.
  5. Take a mini M&M (your choice of color) and place below the Oreo cookies for the beak.
  6. With the cookies that have been twisted off that don’t have the cream, break a side off and place in the cupcake above the eyes to form the eyebrows.


The Halloween version of the Oreo cookies had a little more cream frosting in the middle than the regular Oreo cookies did and they were much easier to twist apart and have the cream inside stay intact. So when I make this again, I will probably buy the Double Stuff Oreos instead of the regular ones.

  • Author: Carole