Wedding Thank You Cards

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July 20, 2017
Carole Jones
Thank you notes for your wedding gifts may seem a bit old fashioned and not worth your time, however they are not only expected, but greatly appreciated as well.  I know you have spent a small fortune on your wedding, but you can make these simple postcard style thank you notes that will cost you less money and require less of your time to write out.
My daughter had such a simple and cute idea for her wedding thank you cards and I’m excited to share it so you can use it as well!  Instead of the standard, generic thank you, she decided to make them a bit more personal.
When taking her wedding pictures, the bride and groom grabbed a couple blank pieces of paper and took some shots of them holding the blank paper.
Inexpensive Wedding Thank you notes
Not very exciting, until you add a bit of photo editing magic and add text to those blank pieces of paper!  Viola!
Inexpensive Wedding Thank you notes
They took their new image and had simple post cards printed from the same company who printed their wedding announcements,  The post cards turned out super cute and made writing those all important notes to family and friends a bit quicker and easier.
Inexpensive Wedding Thank you notes

Carole Jones

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Heather {Woods of Bell Trees}
10 years ago

What an adorable idea!

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