Simple Wedding Programs

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October 13, 2020
Carole Jones
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There are so many different styles and ideas for wedding programs that it almost became overwhelming when trying to decide the design for my daughter’s wedding.  Luckily, time got tight for us at the end and we had no choice but to go with something clean, simple and classic for the program and we loved it.   Even once the design was decided on, there is so much to decide on as far as the information to include on the actual program.  Again, we went simple.Simple Wedding Programs
On the front side, we had the actual program of the ceremony.
Simple Wedding Programs
On the flip side, we had the names of both families and the bridal party listed.
We wanted an extra special paper to print them on so we used the same gorgeous, shiny silver paper that the Wedding Advice Cards were printed on and that was also used for the large paper snowflakes that hung in the reception hall.
We kept the programs small so they could be slipped easily into the hand of each guest as they entered.  We printed three programs on each 8.5×11″ sheet of paper.  They were cut across the width of the 8.5″ side into three equal pieces, folded in half, hole punched and then tied with some black ribbon.
We printed 140 programs for the 150 guests, but had way too many.  Even though the ushers handed them out to the guests as they entered, most families just took one or two, instead of each guest taking one each.  We could have easily done 100 programs and still had some to spare.
Simple Wedding Programs

Carole Jones

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