How to Color Fondant

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November 12, 2022
Carole Jones
For the past few weeks, I’ve been having a lot of fun making different cakes for graduation parties and other special events. Last weekend, I made a cake that had a map of the world that I cut from fondant and this week I am working on a football field.
A while back, I posted my recipe for marshmallow fondant. I was making a simple wedding cake then, so white was the perfect color.
How to Color Fondant
My more recent adventures in fondant have required the addition of some bright colors. It is quite simple to make any color you want and makes you feel like a kid again playing with your play-dough!
How to Color FondantUsing food coloring paste, dot the top of your fondant with the desired color. If you try to use liquid food coloring, you will end up with a big wet mess, so go get some paste! Fold the dough in half so the food coloring is on the inside and doesn’t get all over your hands. Knead until the color is uniformly distributed.
How to Color Fondant
Since I was making continents with my green, I needed something more intense than a mint color, so more green was added. I also added a dot of blue to deepen the color as well. Just keep kneading and adding more color until you have the color you want.
One word of advice, whether adding food coloring paste to your fondant or to your favorite buttercream, it was always dry a couple shades darker, so don’t go overboard! Make it just a hint lighter than you want, then when it dries it will be perfect!

Carole Jones

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