How to Make Flowers from Fondant

I had the privilege of making a gender-reveal cake last weekend and thought it was so fun that only the doctor and myself knew the sex of that little baby.  Blue or pink cake on the inside is how everyone else found out once they cut into it!
This gorgeous grey and ivory cake was a lot of fun to make, including the fondant flowers.  To recreate them for your next cake, you will need the following items:
Begin by rolling your fondant on a surface dusted with corn starch.  You want your fondant very thin.  The thinner your fondant, the more delicate your flowers.  Cut out your fluted round and place on the foam pad dusted with corn starch.  Keep leftover fondant covered because it will dry out.
Use a ball tool and gently begin to rub the edges in small, circular patterns until it flattens and flutes out.  Go all the way around the edge and then work on the center section.
Use a veining tool to add some lines from the center of your petal.  No perfect lines required here so don’t worry!

Place your petal into something that will allow it to be shaped into a more cupped shape.  They sell cups for this purpose, but I use mini muffin tins and other objects from my kitchen instead.  Shape the petal to the desired shape, adding some ruffling to the edges, and allow it to dry for about an hour.  Repeat with the other sizes.  I used four different, graduated sizes of circles for my flowers.

While your petals are drying, work on your centers.  Roll out a pea sized piece of fondant into a smooth ball and flatten it with your finger.  Use a tool to add the pattern around the edges and then add an indentation in the center.  Add a small drop of water to the indentation, then top it with a sugar pearl.

Once the petals have dried for about an hour (you want the edges firm, but the center still a bit pliable), it is time to assemble.  Add a dab of water to the center of your biggest petal, then top it with the next smallest sized petal.  Repeat again with the third and fourth petals.  Since the centers are still a bit pliable, you will be able to tweak the way each layer sits to make them just like you want them.  Add a bit more water to the center and then add the prepared centers with the sugar pearls on them.  Move them back to the muffin tins to allow to dry completely overnight.

Once they are dry, brush on some luster dust over your finished flower for the perfect shimmer.  This last step really adds some needed dimension and finishing to your flowers so please give it a try!


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    Very pretty flowers, just hopped over from the Super Saturday Link Party (my first!). I love working with sugarpaste too, so would love for you to pop over to my blog and take a look at my projects too

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