Walking Tacos

So my baby is officially gone.  Last night was her first night in her dorm 1100 miles away and I spent the whole night with tears in my eyes and anxiety tight in my chest.  All the excitement I had felt for the past few months flew out the window and was replaced with an overwhelming level of sadness, nervousness and fear.  It shocked me because that has never been me as a Mom.

Before she left for BYU, we threw her a fun early-graduation party with family, friends and teachers.  What a perfect way to send someone off to college:  surrounded by all those who had a hand in helping you get there!

When it came time to design her graduation cake, she was quite specific that it needed to be hot pink and black.  When I reminded her that BYU (or “The Y”) proudly sported the blue and white, she didn’t seem to care.  Hot pink and black it was!

The 8″ triple layer cake itself was quick and easy to make, however the 140 cupcakes that went with the cake took all day.  She adored the end result, so it was well worth my time, sore feet and back.

Since the cake took all of my time leading up to the party, I knew I needed something quick and easy to serve the guests.  I chose to do walking tacos, because now after 8 years in Minnesota, it is about time I embrace the tradition.  Maybe now that I have served them in my home, I can be considered a native Minnesotan.  I’ll have to check the state by-laws and statutes.

I had never heard of a walking taco until I went to my first PTA meeting here and was put in charge of them for the carnival.  I explained I was more than happy to help, but first they would have to explain to me what the heck one was!  They thought I was joking.  Really.

Like all good things in Minnesota, a walking taco is simple and ingenious.  Use a pair of scissors to slice off the side (NOT the end!) of a bag of Doritos.  Sure, you could use Fritos, but I’m trying to be pure Minnesota authentic.  Why cut the side you ask?  Because that opening is bigger and it is easier to stuff all your toppings into it without making a mess!

Now that your bag is open, crush the chips a bit with your hand and load it up with all the fixings!  I used lean ground beef seasoned with taco seasoning, cheese, lettuce, sour cream and salsa.  Grab your fork and viola!  A taco you can walk around with and not make a mess….a walking taco!


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    I saw the title ” walking tatco ” and had to see what that was. Thank You! A great idea!

    I’m sure your daughter will be fine :-)


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    I hope your girl loves the “Y”! Walking tacos are a Kansas thing too, but we use bags of fritos :) They always have them at the fall fairs and school events.

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    That cake is beautiful! And congratulations on getting your daughter off to college. I know it’s difficult for you but it’s also a huge accomplishment.

    The walking taco thing is very new to me… I’ve never seen anything like it here! Interesting!

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    Have NEVER heard of walking tacos and I grew up in So, Calif where we had a TON of Mexican influenced food but I must say that I am definitely going to make these next time the fam is together!! What a great idea!

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