Healthy Holiday Snack Activity

I was “blessed” with the privilege of being the Room Mom for my 5 year olds’ Kindergarten class this year.  Really, it isn’t too much responsibility except for the holiday parties and today was our Fall/Halloween party.
We had fun with crafts, games and activities, but I was lost when it came to the snack.  I had many different ideas, but they all involved too much sugar and processed food.  Then, late last night, inspiration struck!

I cut out some monster head shapes from construction paper and provided a variety of healthy snacks to decorate them.  There were apple slices, carrot rounds, craisins, string cheese, pretzels, popcorn and peanuts.  Each kid got a monster face and a plate with their “decorations.”

All 23 kids had a BALL with this activity.  In fact, we had to keep reminding them that they needed to eat as well as decorate their monster faces!  They were really creative on how to use their ingredients and they had some hilarious comments to go along with it :)

It was a perfect activity and snack all rolled together in one!  They got to be creative, use their imaginations, work on their fine motor skills, and best of all……they ate the “boring, healthy snack food” because it was fun!

This can easily be adjusted for all kinds of holidays, so don’t fret if it is too late for your Halloween needs!  Just cut out the appropriate shape, then add all kinds of fun healthy foods as decorations.

  • Halloween:  monster, witch or pumpkin
  • Thanksgiving: turkey or pumpkin 
  • Christmas:  snowman, Santa or elf
  • Valentines:  Cupid
  • St Patricks:  leprechaun 
  • Easter:  bunny


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