Coffee Cake Muffins

So what do you think of our progress from a few weeks ago?
Have I mentioned that we are doing this all ourselves? You’re even more impressed now aren’t you :) Before you were thinking, “Eh….it’s nice.” But now that you understand that it’s been my own two hands working for countless hours over the past five weeks, you’re thinking it is the greatest kitchen you have ever seen!!!!
Like all home improvement, it began as a simple little plan with only minor demolition. Of course, my last post showed you how far we strayed from that beginning plan. That is just how it goes with 120 year old houses.
I promise once a bit of normalcy is returned to my kitchen, my blogging will return to a regular schedule once again. Until then, how about my favorite coffee cake recipe in muffin form? Just use this recipe, layer it in muffin papers instead of a cake pan and viola! A double recipe makes 32 muffins and bake them for 24 minutes. I also drizzled a bit of powdered sugar icing on top.


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