Mother’s Day…..

Another Mother’s Day has come and gone. My family takes very good care of me on “my day” every year and makes me feel very loved. For me though, it is day when I reflect. What kind of Mom am I really?
On the positive side, how many Moms would wear this hairstyle out in public after their 6 year old daughter “styled” it for her? I wore this design to a church event last Sunday evening….
On the negative side, how many Moms prop up their baby between their feet while trying to get a gold medal in Mario Kart Wii so she can unlock a few more items…..
Then again, this is the chocolate mess I found my two year old in yesterday. How many Moms would clean up this mess on “her day”? (You should have seen the white pants…..)
So after another year of pondering on what kind of Mom I am, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am both good and bad depending on the moment. I think we can all relate to that. What matters most is that I love them all more than I can express and they bring me abundant joy that is worth the heartache.
One more… many Moms develop a recipe for her children who want to go to Pizza Ranch solely for the Cactus Bread? It is pretty darn amazing. Since it’s pricey for our family of 8 to go out to dinner, I’m working hard on developing my own. I’m still experimenting with a few more variations but will have my final verdict ready soon. Keep tuned in. Here’s a picture to tempt you. Oh yeah!


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