Root Beer Pulled Pork

I’ve been going to the same gym for five years now.  That hour everyday to myself and my thoughts helps keep me sane.  During the past month though, I’ve become a bit self-conscious while working out.  Apparently, exercising while 8 months pregnant persuades people to come tell me what they think.  All the women over 55 feel the need to educate me on the risks of exercising while pregnant.  While the men and women around my own age like to share words of encouragement of “how great you are doing” while I’m the size of a house.
The first few comments made me chuckle, but now this almost daily attention is making me a bit uncomfortable.  I’m pregnant people.  Not that strange is it?!?!

I enjoy exercising, but I really enjoy being able to eat more because I exercise.  These sandwiches are worth my time on the elliptical machine.  I tried this super easy recipe for the first time this summer for a camping trip then whipped it up again last week.  Really delicious as it is, or you can mix in your favorite BBQ sauce for something different.   I served these on some homemade oatmeal rolls topped with coleslaw.

Root Beer Pulled Pork

5 lb pork butt roast
2 ltr bottle root beer, not diet
BBQ sauce (optional)
1.  Place roast in your crock pot.  Salt and pepper generously then pour enough root beer into the pot to barely cover your roast.  Cook on medium for 8 hours or until the meat falls apart when pulled.
2.  Remove roast from crock pot and allow the roast to cool before shredding into a large bowl.  Pour some of the cooking juices over the pulled meat once it is all done.  You can serve it like this or add your favorite BBQ sauce to the meat before serving.  Leftovers freeze very well!


  1. says

    You could use either but it just depends on the amount of time you have. High will cook in about 6 hours and low will cook in about 10 hours. Good luck!

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