Happy Thanksgiving!

Am I a bad host??  Come on, you can all be honest with me and I promise I won’t take it personally.  It’s only natural to wonder after trying and trying and trying and trying to invite people to our home for Thanksgiving and being completely unsuccessful.  It started in April when we invited my sister, my brother, their families and my parents.  They aren’t here.  They decided to all go to my sisters’ home instead.  Ok.  Then, I invited our great friends from graduate school but they couldn’t make it.  Next we turned to many friends and families around town.  Again, nothing!  Having no desire to spend Thanksgiving alone, we invited ourselves to our friends home who live about 20 miles away.  Yep, that’s how dejected we felt.  We invited ourselves.  My hubby and I honestly had a discussion about what it is about us that people don’t like?  I know it isn’t the cooking….. :-)

I thought you would all enjoy seeing how I have spent my past three days.  I’ve been crazy busy fulfilling all the pie orders sent my way this Thanksgiving.  I am so grateful for the business but I don’t think I will be able to take a bite of pie tomorrow.  This picture doesn’t even show all of them either so you can imagine why I probably won’t be in the mood for a slice!   In some bizarre way, I did have an enjoyable time cranking out all these apple, dutch apple, peach, triple chocolate pecan, banana cream, french silk and vanilla cream pies.  My Christmas baking orders have already started coming in so my break will be short lived!


  1. says

    Happy Thanksgiving back at ya! Those pies look yummy and very different from the banana cream and pumpkin pies I whipped up today. Hmmm…I think I’d go for dutch apple. You never cease to amaze me…

  2. Anonymous says

    Those pies look great. Who are your great friends from grad school? I thought that was us! LOL! We would have come!

    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving…


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