Get Out and Vote!!!

Just a reminder to get out today and vote!  Being involved for the first time in the election process has given me a greater understanding and appreciation for it.  Never again will I make an uniformed choice as a voter.  I have battled hard to get more than just my name known so that the voters of Marshall actually understand me and my views about public education. Unfortunately, the majority of voters will just randomly pick a name and that is very frustrating for a candidate to realize.
I’m sure the other voters thought we were crazy, but my hubby and I had a fun time taking pictures of me, voting for me :-)  I don’t know if my name will ever appear on a ballot again, so I just had to get pictures of it.  
I have no regrets and am honestly grateful for the chance I had to participate.  I encourage you to put yourselves out there, take a chance and try it for yourself.  You might be surprised!


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    Well, dang it all. I checked the Independent and got the scoop. But 672 nice folks did vote for the right person!! I hope life “calms down” in the stress arena. Way to be involved!! You had my vote!

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