Pasta with Chicken & Artichokes

Last night was one of those nights.  I was exhausted, crabby and short-tempered.  Everything I had done that day had gone wrong, it was completely hectic all day long and I was just done by the time came to make dinner.  I was so tempted to tell my hubby to pick up something on his way home, but I decided against it and drug myself into the kitchen to start dinner.
I was hoping this new recipe was going to make my day all better by being outstanding, but it was just good.  It is one of those recipes that has great potential if I were to play with it a bit, (like more veggies and herbs) but at the end of the day I had just had, I needed something outstanding.  I just ate some leftovers for lunch and I think it is better on day two, or maybe it is just because I don’t feel like melting into a pile of goo today…..
Pasta with Chicken & Artichokes (serves 4)
from Cooks Country April/May 2006
4 Tb unsalted butter
1 lb boneless, skinless chicken, cut into 1/4″ slices
14 oz jar artichoke hearts, rinsed, dried and cut into thin wedges
6 garlic cloves, minced
2 tsp flour
1 1/4 C chicken broth
1 C freshly grated parmesan cheese
3 Tb fresh lemon juice
1/4 C fresh parsley, chopped
1/2 lb whole wheat pasta
salt and pepper
1.  Cook your pasta according to package directions.   Meanwhile, melt 1 Tb butter in large skillet over high heat until foaming subsides.  Cook chicken in single layer without stirring for 1-2 minutes.  When the chicken lets go from the pan, then stir and cook until no longer pink.  Transfer to a bowl.
2.  Lower heat to medium and melt 1 Tb butter in a pan.  Cook artichokes until lightly browned, scraping the bottom to get the bits off the bottom of the pan.  Add garlic and cook until fragrant.  Add flour and cook for 30 seconds.  Add broth and simmer until slightly thickened, about 5-7 minutes.   Stir in remaining 2 Tb butter, parmesan, lemon juice, parsley and chicken.  Add salt and pepper according to taste.
3.  Drain pasta, reserving some cooking water.  Add pasta to sauce, and toss with chicken mixture, moistening with reserved water as needed.  Serve


  1. Anonymous says

    Wow, Carole, I’m impressed. If I had a day like you had I definitely would have had Reeve bring something home! The recipe looks good. Hope you’re doing well.


  2. Anonymous says

    Made this tonight and loved it. I didn’t have fresh parsley so I used some dried and also added some sun dried tomao pesto from pampered chef and a small jar of marinated artichoke hearts at the end for a little extra flavor. Delicious!

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